Protecting Animals and Wildlife Habitats



My name is David Ryu and I am running for City Council.  Help me make Los Angeles a greener and more humane place.   

LA City Council District 4 is blessed to have not only Griffith Park, but also Runyon Canyon, Fryman Canyon and all the beautiful hillsides that are home to a diverse and vibrant ecosystem and the largest swath of wildlife in the entire city.

But overdevelopment, coupled with the record-breaking extreme drought are seriously threatening habitat and open space.

We must map and protect existing Wildlife Corridors from development.

On City Council, I will support measures like Councilmember Koretz’s bill to create a Wildlife Corridor in eastern Santa Monica Mountains (Hillside Ordinance Zone) that would require taking into account biological and habitat impacts before any new permits for building could be issued, and would require easements and restrictions for wildlife where necessary.

The City of LA needs to enforce its existing ordinances. We have plenty of laws on the books already, but unfortunately these aren’t being enforced including our spay/neuter ordinance, illegal animal sales ordinance, anti-puppy mill ordinance, and laws protecting wildlife and tree habitats during nesting season.

These laws not only protect animals and the ecosystem, but can bring in an extra source of revenue – a funding stream that is currently being ignored. This revenue can be invested into a campaign by the city to educate the public on its laws regarding animals including such common-sense steps like posting “Spay Neuter! It’s the Law!” signage in vet offices, public parks, and public buildings.

Beyond the above, here are some more ways as your Councilmember I will work to make L.A. a more humane city:

* Rodenticide ban. It harms animals all the way up the food chain and pollutes the entire ecosystem because it harms not just animal that eat the poison, it also harms the animals that eat rodents who have ingested the poison. Coyotes eat them, our pets eat them, and even Griffith Park’s mountain lion P22 became gravely ill as a result of rat poison.

*Bee pesticide ban and regulation of the exterminator businesses. The honey bee population has been decimated in recent years by pesticides. It is currently cheaper to kill bees and destroy hives than to rehome them, despite the invaluable pollinating and ecosystem services they provide. We need to ban the killing of hives in LA and make rehoming bees the only option.

*Environmental and animal protection curriculum at LAUSD in grade school through high school with curriculum developed from non-profit stakeholders and community input.

*More transparency of Los Angeles Animals Services, including a new and improved audit to review management, finances and accountability. Like so many government agencies, a little sunlight on where the money is going is necessary. 10,000 animals were killed with taxpayer money last year.

*Explore a ban on wild animals in circuses in Los Angeles. In the US, there are 49 partial or full bans on circus animals in municipalities in 22 states – including San Francisco which passed just last week – not to mention bans many countries around the world. Why shouldn’t Los Angeles be a leader on this issue?

*Raise the allowable number of companion animals and raise the limit to allow for people to have more animals if they are from a shelter or a rescue organization. This helps relieve crowding in the overburdened shelter system and lowers euthanasia rates. The City should not stand in the way of rehoming pets.