There is no simple, sound bite answer to the City’s budget shortfall. But generally, the eras of growing budgets and unlimited bonds is over. Having worked on County budgets for the better part of a decade, I am intimately familiar with how to stretch these budgets, and when they can no longer be stretched. If additional revenues are necessary, I will be straight with constituents about that.

Here is a list of my budget priorities

  1. Replacing the gross receipts tax with a net income tax, responsibly so that it does not crater the City’s budget.
  2. Pension reform is part of the conversation, but elections are a poor substitute for the collective bargaining process. And there is absolutely nothing that the City can do now about its past pension obligations – the key is what we do going forward.
  3. Streamlining City permitting and licensing through a “Concierge” service, so the City is a catalyst, not a hindrance to the small business community.
  4. Prioritizing infrastructure and City maintenance obligations, which saves money for the City in the long run, and saves residents money in the short-term.
  5. Ensuring that the minimum wage is raised in a responsible and fair manner that takes into account the equities of the situation.

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