The #1 issue for many residents in CD4 is development – how is the City going to grow, and what are our communities going to look like in the immediate and extended future. I can promise you this: every decision that I will make on specific projects will start with input from the neighborhoods and nearby residents. I support neighborhood appropriate development, because what works in Hollywood might not work in Sherman Oaks. That one-size-fits-all approach has put us in the mess we’re in now, where Specific Plans can be ignored, and historic neighborhoods are faced with out-of-scale and aesthetically improper projects going up around them.

We have to change the way that development projects are planned for and reviewed, because too many end up in court, where judges find their own set of problems that should have been addressed at the outset. Early input from the community accomplishes two goals: 1) to make sure that the project is actually appropriate for the area, and 2) to prevent later stalling and mid-construction injunctions because the developers didn’t follow the rules. Early input from the community is key, and that will address some of the major problems that we’re seeing now.

I believe that we need to fix the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance, and that it should be done faster than 18 months. 18 months is not workable when homeowners are seeing out-of-scale monoliths rising up next door. Right now, developers are using bonuses for certain additions to add square footage, reduce setbacks and build higher than normal. This cannot continue.

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