CD4 is truly blessed to have a wealth of open spaces in the hills and Griffith Park. But there are still areas in the District that have unconscionably small options in the way of open space and parks. Once in office, my three priorities will be:

#1 Preservation and expansion of open space, wild areas and protected riparian/wetland areas within City limits. First we need to analyze existing revenue sources for parks, particularly Prop 84 grants and the like, and make sure that the City is getting every dollar that it can out of them. I will work with non-profits currently doing great work in this area to make sure that the City is doing everything it can to promote and support these efforts to collect existing sources of funds, both within City budgets and outside sources.

#2 Water issues. The City has to address storm runoff and ensuring that we are doing everything we can to capture surface water so it is recharging our aquifers. This includes working with the DWP to incentivize storm water collection, turf replacement and the like (as many of the local groups have been doing for decades here) and creating incentive programs to collect runoff in cisterns. The second prong of making LA water self-sufficient (as laid out in the UCLA Hotter LA recommendations) is going to require replacing our aquifers that have been drained for so long. This requires more permeable surfaces, and better usage of drain water. But it also requires building trust in municipal water again, so that residents know the waste involved with bottled water. Years ago LA bottled City water to raise awareness of this issue, which I think was a smart way to educate the public on this issue.

#3 Working to address Climate Change. LA has been a leader on reducing carbon emissions (blowing past the state in our renewable portfolio and requirements), and we are finally seeing some of the local mass transit options coming to fruition. In the short term, I would like to see more progress made on encouraging white roofs, as well as further incentivizing distributed solar. Rooftop solar is the future of energy generation for the City of LA.

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