Right now, our crumbling roads, sidewalks, and water systems tax our residents every day in the form of flat tires, injuries, floods and the like. I’ve seen streets been repaved, then torn up for water mains immediately after. I’ve seen trees go untrimmed until there is an actual lawsuit on file. Beyond just the annoyance, their poor condition is an embarrassment to City residents that pay high utility rates and tax dollars to keep our infrastructure sound. Coasting along on 90 year old water pipes is just not going to cut it.

Right now, residents don’t trust the DWP or the City to manage their tax dollars properly, and the DWP needs to regain that confidence. Just like I did when I was on Supervisor Yvonne Burke’s staff, I will wring every budget dry. I know where to look for “hidden money” and inefficiencies in budgets. Once I am confident and residents can see that the City and DWP are managing their money properly, then, and only then, would I consider allocating more money through tax dollars or a bond to pay for upgrades. But until then, we can do more with our current budgets than we are.

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